Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia

Our solution provides an interactive analytical capabilities dashboard for MITI to analyze information on various business dimensions and measures.

Interactive Data Visualization Interfaces enable MITI officers to provide the extensive decision support from the outcome of the analysis in a few clicks.

Analytical areas in the MITI competitive analysis development initiative covers:

  • Entrepreneur Business Profile
  • Entrepreneur Business Activities & Achievements
  • Entrepreneur IRIH Assessment
  • Entrepreneur Competency Assessment
  • Entrepreneur Business Support

Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia

To efficiently allocate resources to the appropriate areas to address citizens’ needs and ensure public safety.

This business intelligence dashboard can retrieve exactly the information they need to make informed decisions in very few clicks.

Analysis of RELA data to measure and identify:

  • The deployment of RELA members by geographical zones or areas.
  • "Hotspots" in terms of crime rate or criminal offences.
  • Demographic composition of RELA members.

Felcra Berhad

Location-based interactivity analytical Oil Palm and Rubber crop dashboard for Felcra’s officer to:

  • Analyze optimal yield from the usable land.
  • Visualize the yield produced per hectare of land and kg per tree.
  • Perform Yield Actual vs. Target Analysis.
  • Analysis of overall usage of land and drilling down to specific location of the project area.

Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa, Malaysia

Our solution provides an interactive analytical capabilities dashboard and implementing RDBMS Spatial Data Warehouse for JPBD


Malaysia Productivity Corporation

There is two systems that we had implemented in MPC:

  • Enhancement Customer Profile Data (CPD) Management - This is an enhancement system from the existing CPD which is more user friendly and new features introduced. It's a profiling system that keep data about organization, training and promotion.
  • Business Excellence Program (BEP) Management - The business excellence program by the Malaysian Productivity council enables the government to focus its efforts to strengthen companies' competitiveness through the Business Excellence Framework (BEF). Business Excellence models are used by organizations all over the world, guided by the 7 dimensions of excellence, namely, Leadership, Planning, Information, Customer, People, Processes and Results.

Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan, Malaysia

Our solution provides an interactive VGIS analytics for ADK