VIS Strategy has a dedicated team of experts that handles Enterprise Managed Services. Our Services takes on the responsibility for day-to-day operations while working closely with your Organization to define the key objectives and long-term strategic plans.

    1. Helpdesk
    2. Our Helpdesk provides technical support for wide range of issues, from hardware support, general enquiries and service request to offline trouble shooting. Our Helpdesk adopts a robust incident tracking and escalation process to enhance problem resolution efficiencies and ensure no requests are left unattended. VIS Strategy provides a range of service levels from normal business hours to 24x7. Our consultants will help you define the service levels requirements based on your business needs and criticality levels.

    3. Infrastructure Services
    4. Our Infrastructure services aim to provide high-availability of your operational systems without increasing your total cost of ownership. We support the hardware, operating systems and databases driving your applications. Our team of engineers ensures consistency in supporting system fault and performance monitoring. Our database specialists can also perform database tuning to ensure your database driven systems are running optimally even as your volume of data grows.

    5. Hardware Deployment and Support
    6. Our support team provides nationwide deployment services for hardware equipment. We have experience deploying equipment for a government agency to over 200 remote deployment sites around the country. Our network of engineers ensures that the deployment can be executed and managed by phases in a managed and controlled manner. Our network of engineers also ensures that there is adequate 1st level support that will be able to attend to your problems on-site within a short time frame.

    7. Over-The-Counter Support
    8. We can provide outsourcing resources to man the service counters at your required locations. We will ensure the proper level of training is provided for these outsource resources and that they dispense the required level of service. This service helps our client provide additional services without incurring additional permanent headcount.