The Government plays a pivotal role in nation building and improving the competitiveness of the nation in the eyes of the world. This is being made more challenging in a climate of globalized world trade and free trade liberalization. Nations are hard pressed to improve the competitiveness and economies of scale of their local industries to develop comparative advantage in the global environment.

We offer the Government their agencies and Local Councils the following services:

    1. Location Intelligence for Local Council
    2. Over the years, the Government has been continuously finding ways to improve their ICT Infrastructure and at the same time to enhance their relationship with the citizens through innovative technology. We at VIS Strategy see ourselves as a partner in the public sector and we are determined to contribute wherever we can to the evolution of the very best services for the whole community.

      Below are the key modules we provide for Local Councils:

      • Tax Assessment and Collection Module
      • Enforcement Profiling Module
      • Asset & Facility Management Module
      • Licensing Management Module
      • Parking Management Module
      • Public Health Module
      • Public Request Module
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    3. Government Community Management System
    4. Our Government Community Management System (GCMS) is our direct response to many issues in achieving successful Government programs and is designed for the Government as a platform to drive the realization of being a "Caring and Effective Government". Our GCMS consist of four core modules and on top of that, sub modules can be break down into specific needs of the Government to ensure an end to end solution such as:

      • Data Preparation (Data consolidation).
      • Govt. Support Entitlement Management.
      • Welfare Program Management.
      • Incentive Program Management.
      • Subsidy Program Management.
      • Rebate Program Management.
      • Financial Program Management.
      • Reconciliation Management.
      • Helpdesk / Call Center Management.
      • Enforcement Management.
      • Asset Management.
      • Audit Management.
      NOTE: - Download Brochure here