We at VIS Strategy completely understand the nature and the pain points of Oil & Gas, Energy and Utilities Industry. We serve the entire value chain of Oil & gas from Upstream (Exploration & Production), Midstream (Storage, Transportation and Piping) and Downstream (Refining, Distribution & Marketing). We are determined to provide the best breed of IT Innovative solution leveraging in our extensive industry knowledge.

VIS Strategy offers a comprehensive set of services catering to end-to-end requirements of oil & gas companies and we take pride that we have the technology, expertise and resources needed to execute a successful oil and gas projects of every size and complexity.

GIS Compliance

Our innovative solution can be integrated with GIS. The integration of GIS and our solution imparts the ability to effectively use spatial data to manage, visualize, analyze, and communicate information geographically. The use of spatial location based data has become vital in helping businesses achieve their goals. GIS is designed to track location-based spatial information, while our solution is used for analyzing critical information in your Organization.

Our solution for Oil & Gas (Upstream) consists of the following key modules:

  • Inspection Status and Findings
  • Increase asset integrity and safety by quickly identifying anomalies and ensuring assets inspections are performed in compliance as scheduled.

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Improve the decision-making ability and visibility for asset maintenance work by prioritizing work orders and managing by exceptions.

  • Technical Authority
  • Obtain required data and information via a single platform to efficiently resolve and approve / reject work order deviations.

  • Operations and Production
  • Increase revenue and reduce production inefficiency by identifying production deferments, order cancellations and other factors affecting production operations.

  • Asset Profiling
  • Track the distribution assets across regions, access asset-pertinent information and detect issues with asset integrity/performance.

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Our solution for Oil & Gas (Downstream) consists of the following key modules:

  • Station Profile Analysis
  • Station Profile Analysis provides you the insight to analyze information of the outlets by various dimensions such as demographic information (Location attributes), outlets ownership and supplier information including outlet representation information (company operated, lease or Independent).

  • Station Performance Analysis
  • Station Performance Analysis provides insight on stations profitability, productivity and loyalty programs. Various financial key metrics such as gross revenue, gross profit, net profit etc. can be visualized using various graphical visualization techniques.

  • Ancillary Profile Analysis
  • Ancillary Profile Analysis provides insight to analyze information of products by various dimensions such as product groups, product category and supplier information including other ancillary services information.

  • Ancillary Product Analysis
  • Ancillary Product Analysis gives insights on Ancillary products such as Profit Trend by Location, Product Profit Analysis, Sales Trend Analysis and Product Profitability Analysis.

  • Supply & Demand Analysis
  • Supply and Demand Analysis provides insights to the actual supply of petroleum products versus the demand of these products by various consumers group (Commercial or Consumer).

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